How to avoid overheating and humidity in the garden polytunnel?

How to avoid overheating and humidity in the garden polytunnel?

As summer makes his presence felt, garden and professional greenhouses are getting filled with fruits and vegetables. Climatic conditions during the previous months led to the creation of a favorable microclimate. Thanks to the sun heating the facility, soil, air and moisture have contributed to the rapid growth of plants. In a hobby greenhouse, the gardener can control many factors affecting the development of plants. Adapting to the variety, species and stage of ripening can lead to good yields.

During the hot season, monitoring the temperature inside the greenhouse becomes a priority. With low quality tunnels, overheating occurs quickly within the structure. Removal of the excess heat  outside of the installation without adequate ventilation is a long and inefficient process. Therefore, when purchasing a particular model, check whether the structure allows air to circulate under cover.

In this Krosagro guide, we will tell you how to avoid overheating in the greenhouse and how to adjust the temperature in a garden tunnel.

Temperature in the garden tunnel

The dynamic processes taking place in the greenhouse require the attention of the gardener and his diligence comes into play for a rich and fertile harvest. If you have opted for a tunnel with side vents, the structure requires less attention: the raised curtains create a flow of air, so that the excess heat stored inside is transferred to the outside. In addition, crops are protected from pests by an insect net placed behind the plastic film. Their access to crops is minimal.

An alternative will be to open the doors on both sides of the greenhouse. Although it is slower and less optimal, this system is also satisfactory. This is obviously a cheaper solution for ventilation than the tunnel equipped with lateral vents mentioned above.
However, all models with integrated windows will have to be rejected. It is difficult to see the reason behind their creation, because a thick mesh and small openings do not improve the flow of air.

Humidity in the greenhouse

Polytunnels are closed structures that are improved with ventilation devices . In addition to eliminating excess heat, ventilation helps to correct the moisture level. Transpiration is a constant feature of plants. Evaporation is a natural process : that way the plant removes excess water and protects its green mass from drying out. The direct consequence is a high level of humidity. In order to normalize the phenomenon, simply ventilate the crops under cover. Bear in mind that in case of insufficient or inefficient ventilation, the accumulation of water persists in spite of aeration. Over time, this leads to the development of diseases, molds, fungi and the appearance of parasites, and ultimately to the loss of plants.

Ventilation in a garden greenhouse

Side ventilation is not the only system to limit overheating in the greenhouse. With tunnels for hobby users and professionals, shading nets or screens are fitted. Especially in summer, you can see them appearing on seasonal greenhouses. Producers manage to reduce their water consumption and adjust the level of exposure. The greater the impact on the plant growth processes, the better you can adjust them. But it is necessary to match the requirements and specificity of plants. The amateur gardener then evolves to a higher level of expertise.

There are many devices and equipmment available on the market aiming to provide shade for crops. They differ with thickness, the raw material from which they are made, the flexibility, the level of protection and the price. By combining them with various types of aeration, the chances of overheating in the greenhouse will be very limited. When the heat is intense, it is advisable to visit the greenhouse and check the conditions inside. A thermometer and a hygrometer are useful. It may be necessary to ventilate the tunnel frequently. In order to take optimal care of crops , a shading net will also be welcome.

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