Horti therapy in a polytunnel

Horti therapy in a polytunnel

Horti therapy in a polytunnel is a way to reduce stress and improve your mood. It is a type of gardening therapy based on the benefits of plant care for people. This comes as a support for other forms of treatment, helps in the fight against mental, cognitive and physical diseases. Contact with nature has been a proven method of well-being for centuries. This method can be active through cultivation or passive as an observer. The main target is to stimulate all senses while being surrounded by greenery.

Horti therapy in a polytunnel

What exactly is horti therapy? It is a combination of medical and gardening practices, with scientifically confirmed effects. Therapy includes everyday aspect of hobby gardening. Substrate preparation, plant sowing, fertilizing, pruning, weeding, harvesting, etc. You could even add site planning and garden design. In addition to growing in a polytunnel, horti therapy can be implemented in conservatories, potted plants and flower production.

Horti therapy in the garden

This therapy that soothes the senses is especially recommended for people suffering from dysfunctions of the nervous system. This includes depression, autism, hyperactivity, etc. Such outdoor activities have a soothing effect on seniors, either fully able or physically limited. A garden under cover can be designed to suit anyone. Elevated garden boxes mean that people will not have to bend over to reach flower beds, light tools with long handles will facilitate care and irrigation duties. The cover applied onto the modular steel structure will protect plants and gardeners against weather hazards, guaranteeing a relaxing time in the greenhouse.

Positive effects of gardening under cover

The advantages of having a garden are numerous, and here are a few:

  • increased immunity – safe exposure to the sun supplies the right dose of vitamin D, which has a key role in strengthening immunity to all viruses and bacteria. Bacteria can have a positive effect on our well-being. Through our gardening activities and soil digging, dirt and exhalation of fresh air enable us to collect Mycobacterium vaccae, also known as the “happiness bacteria”. It has been proven to increase level of serotonin responsible for well-being, to relieve symptoms of asthma and allergies. Moreover, there is a hypothesis that diseases affecting most civilizations are the result of too sterile environments.


  • motion improvement – gardening in a polytunnel is a hobby as much as an exercise. This allows you to keep strength and dexterity of hands for longer. Some tasks recommended by physiotherapists are similar to digging, planting, watering, weeding, etc. Squeezing rubber balls or other toys can be forgotten.


  • healthy mind – when using each of the five senses, the brain is stimulated to operate at a higher speed. By performing several functions at the same time, it becomes easier to eliminate stressing factors. In the long run, this reduces your chances of getting Alzheimer’s, and keeps you fit as you age.


  • healthy nutrition – vegetables and fruits straight from the garden are the healthiest foods you can get. You know what means were used at production stage, and harvests can be consumed without any fear.


  • joy of life – observing plant growth and contributing to their development, harvesting, enjoying the taste of your own crops certainly contribute to happiness and satisfaction.

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