Health in your garden

Health in your garden

Seasonality of fruits and vegetables has disappeared. Strawberries, peaches or salads have become year-round plants, we can buy them anytime – fresh or frozen. We can also import them from countries where the growing season is still in progress. There are also other methods to avail of fresh plants all the time.

Gardening is healthy

Foil tunnels are environmentally friendly constructions. Which protect plants from weather conditions. Thanks to them, we can cultivate vegetables, fruits, flowers and herbs even in winter.  Garden tunnels are successfully used all over the world. The United Kingdom is famous for strawberry cultivation under cover; in Poland, tomatoes are more popular. Polytunnels are also widely used in Algeria and Marocco, as plants do not get exposed to temperature fluctuation with the cover.

More and more people are discovering vegetable and fruit cultivation in tunnels. Even a small garden can surprise you with the amount of food it produces with a little care. Foil tunnels are a quick and cheap way to cover a growing area. Ending the shortage of tomatoes, peppers or salads in your fridge.


Planting in your own garden provides a source of fresh food full of nutrients. Obviously, this constitutes a healthier diet than goods bought in stores. Access to fresh and unprocessed ingredients for many dishes is a factor which effectively improves your diet. Producing your own food is not only a relief for your finances. It is also a very valuable and rewarding experience. Some people just don’t have time and have to buy fruit and vegetables in supermarkets. But small home-grown crops are becoming increasingly popular.

Gardening is healthy

Those who have been gardening for a long time already know that it positively influences the human brain and body. Looking at the richness of green colors is deemed to be beneficial, and therapies of this type are used in medicine. Gardening has a positive effect on the body, mind and soul because:

  • gardening reduces blood pressure
  • increases brain activity
  • improves optimism
  • minimizes the level of “stress hormone” – cortisol
  • prevents anxiety
  • leads to moderate physical exercise
  • reduces the risk of stroke and heart attack
  • improves strength and dexterity

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