Gardening with children

Small plants for our kids

Gardening with children is a real adventure not only for the little ones, but also for their caretakers. Common cultivation of vegetables and fruits creates a strong bond in the family and builds up respect for nature. The more children get involved in garden education , the more they remember such lessons. Understanding where the food comes from, how much work is needed for an end product , brings a very important knowledge. Gardening teaches diligence, patience, adaptability to various situations and ability to look for new solutions. Later in life , the features acquired in the garden will give children a better start when dealing with their peers and even in their professional career.

There are many gardening tools available on the internet for the youngests. But before buying, let’s check if they are really safe for them.

Polytunnels will certainly make it easier for small and new gardeners to cultivate crops. But it will have to be adapted accordingly. Tables, which we usually place inside the tunnel, are suited to an adult. So you will have to add a lower one so that your child can work on it. At the very beginning, it is worth teaching the gardening apprentice to put things back in their place. Meaning that plastic hooks or a small box will be necessary. We remove all pruners, knives and other sharp tools away from the novice so that he does not have access to them.

Although it seems obvious, let’s remember to prepare clothes for the child. Garden suits would be the best, but old pants and shirts. Which are not suitable for everyday wear, will be perfect for the garden. Many parents are wary of dirt, but that will be difficult in the garden.

It’s time to grow

Now that the young gardener is equipped, it’s time to prepare a crop for him. With the first plants, there is no need to overdo it in terms of cultivating space, a small garden box is enough. Of course, it should be adapted to the child’s size, just like the plants to his skills.

Keeping a regular notebook with the work done will definitely contribute to realize the changes. It will be a valuable lesson – after all, deadlines and various routines are part of our daily lives.

  • Small plants for our kids

Sooner or later, this small growing site will be too small for a child. We can then create an even bigger space in the vegetable patch. This requires a lot more work, but with a little help  success will follow, i.e. a tasty yield for the child to be proud of.

Children are less focused than adults, they get bored quickly. They always needs new challenges, but with a little creativity, we’ll surely find them a job. In the end, it is an extra pair of hands to work with in the garden.

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