Cleaning and sharpening garden tools

Cleaning and sharpening garden tools

Cleaning and sharpening garden tools at the end of the growing season in a polytunnel is a must. Having spent money on good quality equipment, one should take the right steps to keep it in good condition. This text will focus on cutting tools such as pruning shears. As they come in contact with plants, they can become a source of infection and disease. In addition to sterilization, sharpening is very important. A blunt tool would tear plant tissue, making them more susceptible to pathogens and distortions.

Cleaning and sharpening garden tools at the end of the season

A lot of dirt can accumulate in various articulated parts. Removing impurities will prevent corrosion and extend their service life. A damp cloth should be enough. A bit of soap added to warm water will help clean those scissors. Rust must be treated with fine sandpaper. If the last maintenance duty took place a long time ago, it is worth disassembling carefully the entire pruning shears, taking care of each part. Disinfection can be carried out using strong substances, for example surgical spirit. This product is available in every pharmacy. It is recommended to treat dry, wiped and clean tools with lubricant during assembly. In small quantities, it is worth applying it to bearings, springs, etc. The excess should be removed immediately.

Sharpening garden and pruning shears

Any gardener knows that pruning shears should be sharp. A tool with such a feature, enables fast and efficient work. Importantly, even cuttings heal much faster than irregular ones. Therefore, you should keep sharpening from time to time. However, if you do not feel confident enough to do it yourself, there will certainly be a shop in your area that provides this type of service.

Tool assembly after maintenance

To avoid problems when reassembling tools, it is advisable to take a few pictures while dismantling them. You will therefore see how parts fitted into each other and if the item retained the same appearance as the original. It is also crucial to remember not to screw nuts and bolts too tightly or too lightly.

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