Storms and cultivation under cover

Storms and cultivation under cover

Thunderstorms and cultivation under cover do not mix well. Such situations are difficult to predict and avoid during the year. This natural phenomenon has its good and bad sides for greenhouses and plants. The ionized atmosphere during thunderstorms releases oils contained in plants who produce various aromas. Moreover, recent droughts experienced in Europe mean that every drop of water falling from the sky has become precious. However, a storm can cause mechanical damage if agricultural structures have not been properly secured.

Storms and crops in a polytunnel

Trees and fruit shrubs in orchards are particularly sensitive to strong winds and storms. How to reduce losses in this situation? All trees will have to be covered. The heavier the cover and the less subject to wind, the better the protection. If heavy rains and difficult conditions are expected, potted crops will be moved into a shelter, if possible. Remember to prune trees cyclically so that treetops remains symmetrical and as wide as possible. Creating a wall of greenery with a hedge will be beneficial to absorb some of the wind pressure. It is recommended to add stakes for smaller trees.

Garden under the storm

Polytunnels are being spotted more and more often in vegetable gardens and plots. Like any other structure, they must be properly prepared for a possible storm. It is best to proceed during construction. When assembling, it is necessary to anchor the structure. Properly fixed to the ground, it will better withstand atmospheric conditions. There are several methods, one of them is to pour concrete on the frame. The disadvantage of such a solution is that the tunnel will lose its mobility. It will be impossible to move it elsewhere. Some users solve the problem by using concrete blocks embedded in the ground. Clamps then secure construction pipes.

These anchors, buried in the ground and connected to the frame are additional equipment offered by Krostrade online shop. These are just some of the possible methods, other DIY solutions are possible. Whatever the system, it is essential to keep in mind the stability of the greenhouse.

Galvanized steel structures

Even the most accurate anchoring will not guarantee durability of a greenhouse if it is made from unsustainable materials. Lower quality steel, unreliable connections, thin anti corrosion coatings are factors that will contribute to weaken frame strength over time. That is why it is essential to choose constructions from reliable manufacturers. Investing in a cheap installation can quickly turn out to be a bad decision.

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