Producer of polytunnels

Producer of polytunnels

A foil tunnel is a multifunctional and universal construction. For small businesses, farms, farmers, growers, hobby gardeners, it is a structure in which plants can be comprehensively grown. This method of fruit and vegetable cultivation under cover is the future of agriculture.

This is due to the growing demand for agricultural products. An increasing population, an open market, a changing climate, a fashion for organic food, an evolving processing industry. These are just a few of the reasons leading landowners to optimize their cultivation process. One of the ways to maximize yield and minimize expenses, is to grow plants under cover.


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Producer of polytunnels

The shape, length, anti-corrosion coating, type of foil and anchoring are some of the features to choose. Opting for the right foil tunnel, fully adapted to the  intended crop, is a guarantee of success. It is not worth making decisions hastily, just think about the best option. Stal Impex, 21 years on the market and owner of the Krosagro brand, has reached a level of experience, decision making and planning of greenhouses. Being aware that the choice of product has implications for years to come has become a philosophy and a line of conduct for the entire company.

High quality product

Krosagro is not about one shot sale, but about establishing a long term relationship with the user.  Whether it is a hobby gardener, wholesaler, small or large garden center or a huge plant producer. We produce garden tunnels for all types of customers, trying to provide a high quality product. That will last for many years, and will be filled with an increasing number of vegetables and fruits from one season to the next.

Specificity of a polytunnel

Foil tunnels have undergone many modifications over the years. The technology for their production is constantly being improved. It is not only pipes and profiles that are supplied with foil, it is often a massive multi-nave structure fitted with modern technology to support cultivation. The level of development of the cultivation industry reflects what other branches can benefit from. Seed producers, machinery, logistics and warehouse companies often turn to tunnels and greenhouses manufacturers for solutions. Until a few years ago, people who managed greenhouses were futuristic visionaries. Now, to keep up with demand, these have become standard facilities.

 From steel element to greenhouse

Each tunnel element , arch , anchor, bracket, connector, clamp, profile and pipe, is manufactured by the production plant. It is the task of dozens of people who work to turn hobby and professional greenhouses into optimal structures. The whole process begins with raw material. Which with time takes shape, undergoes many modifications in order to become a steel structure in the end.

Steel construction for crops under cover

As soon as the customer visits the Krosagro website, he can plan the purchase of a garden tunnel. If it is a construction from 5 m2 up to 60 m2. It is possible to buy it from one of the brand dealers. In the case of professional foil tunnels, it is essential for a grower to choose one of the available variants and equipment options. We offer several types of foils, and greenhouses differ in their design, purpose, and adaptation to specific crops.

Gothic foil tunnel

– the structure is caracterised by pointed arches, which are designed to accumulate the largest possible volume of air under cover. This enables the creation of a specific microclimate.

Tropical foil tunnel

– compared to a Gothic greenhouse, this model has an asymmetrical roof shape. One side of the roof is usually steeper than the other. This solution is used  to allow the greenhouse  to “collect” more sunlight during the cool and cold seasons, generating higher  temperature inside . Ventilation is a permanent feature on such structures. These are curtains made of foil, behind which an insect net is placed. Pulled up on both sides, they create an air circulation effect. So excess heat or humidity can be removed from the facility.

Arched polytunnel

– the basic construction feature numerous arches with the same spacing. Their number may differ according to client’s preferences and needs. A tunnel of this type is a closed building, with entry through a leaf or sliding door. It is also the most economical investment, often being the first cultivation construction for many growers.

Polytunnel with ventilation

– more important than the greenhouse itself here, the ventilation system. These can be fitted on both sides or just one, mounted on the roof, etc. Under such structures are grown plants requiring a lot of heat but with a constant level of humidity. Lifting and lowering of the curtains can be manual or automatic.

Seasonal polytunnel

– structures open on both sides, in which the flow of air through the whole building is important. It is a solution dedicated to fruit farmers or people cultivating grapes, blueberries, strawberries, cranberries, etc. The cover helps to improve conditions for the development of plants. At the same time protecting vegetables and fruits from weather factors. During the winter, the foil is removed from the frame to leave the structure only. As galvanized steel is resistant to corrosion, it does not get damaged from snow and rain exposure .

The polytunnel with a truss

– construction for areas where unfavorable conditions prevail, such as strong wind, heavy rainfall. A reinforcing element is mounted on arches and brackets, increasing the load resistance and stability of the structure.

Where to buy a commercial garden tunnel?

Manufacturers of polytunnels are numerous, each of them offering different types of products, and it is fair to say that some are better than others. When browsing offers, it is worth considering each option. Getting feedback from several sources, bearing in mind the amount you want to spend, to finally make your choice.

Why is it worth choosing Krosago polytunnels?

Through years of experience based on observation, evolving market, modern technologies, the brand has developed a range to suit every pocket. This wide offer enables individual customers, wholesalers and investors to fulfill their need. The company creates complex structures intended to be used for years, with the possibility of expanding, adapting or altering them to serve a different function. Of course, on the Internet, it is always possible to find a cheaper offer, however, Krosagro guarantees stability and reliability of its products. The 21 years of Stal Impex‘s activity on the market demonstrate these high standards, having started from a small manufacturer to develop into an international steel constructions manufacturer.

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