Polytunnel for cultivation, parking and storage

Polytunnel for cultivation, parking and storage 1

A polytunnel is a construction with many possible applications. Although it is usually used to cultivate plants under cover, the structure has a much wider range of use. Individual customers as well as entrepreneurs can make the most of the different features to adapt them to their requirements.

A cultivation and storage greenhouse for business and gardening

Modularity and mobility of Krosagro structures represent a great asset. Structures are made of segments. By combining them together, anyone can obtain an ever larger facility. For the owner of a tunnel, tent or hall, this means that an extension in length or width is possible at any time. This can be done even a few years after installation. Parts for structures are always available in stock. As the frame is easy and quick to assemble, it can be operational in just one day. Disassembly takes even less time. This enables you to move the tunnel, tent or hall from one place to another. This is really valuable regarding activities related to services, hotel, event etc. Where else can this type of facility be used? Here are some examples:

Crops under cover

This option is probably the most common. However, the foil tunnel can be used not only as the main area for growing, but also as cultivation support, and even as a commercial area. A greenhouse offers an ideal environment for young plant, seedling production and their display. When plants grow, you can share access to the structure with customers who can browse the whole production. Sometimes, some multi span installations are transformed into garden centers, where sales takes place simultaneously with cultivation.

Storage for machines and tools

The site under cover can be used as an additional room for storing goods and tools. It is a good choice if one requires to quickly extend a storing space with a new area. The facility can remain permanently or only occasionally opened , whenever it is needed. The construction of a hard building, as well as subsequent modifications, turn out much more expensive than an investment in a modular structure made of pipes and profiles. This is one reason behind the popularity of such products, rapidly replacing conventional buildings.

Workshop in a tunnel

The spacious interior of arched and gothic tunnels allow to perform duties without restrictions. The object can be used as a workshop in which daily work is carried out, while storing equipment at the same time . It is an inexpensive solution that young businesses, as well as entrepreneurs building up capital can afford. That way, storage limitation ceases to be problematic.

Covers for cafes, parties and events

A foil tunnel can be transformed into a café and restaurant space. The frame, made of steel, is protected against corrosion with a layer of zinc, thanks to hot dip galvanization at production stage. In addition to its durability, the structure is more aesthetic, enabling use as a summer garden. Customers, safe from the influence of the weather outside, can therefore enjoy their drink and food. Thanks to side ventilation, there is a constant air flow, and conditions are comfortable and encourage everyone to spend more time inside the structure. As a year-round facility, they can be equipped with electrical devices, lighting and heating for the cold months.

Event and party tents

The event industry is about dynamic services carried out in various locations. In order to operate optimally in the open, sealed structures are necessary for guests. Permanent buildings would be unprofitable, while modular constructions are easy to transport, as well as reusable solutions. Small constructions will prove invaluable as covers for company stands during fairs, whereas large structures will be used for weddings, sporting events, equestrian shows, etc.

Clothes dryer

This is one original way to operate them at home. 7.5 m² polytunnels often serve as a cover for drying clothes. The foil highly contributes to the drying process.

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