Polytunnel doors

Polytunnel doors

Doors are an inseparable element of a greenhouse. They come in many different sizes, forms and opening systems. Although it may look irrelevant, this structural element plays an important role. The entrance to a garden tunnel should be functional enough to enable comfortable care of plants under cover.

Polytunnel doors for cultivation under cover

Even before choosing a tunnel, it is necessary to check whether the width of doors suits the equipment and material owned by the gardener. Wheelbarrows, electric mowers, grass trimmers, etc. have specific dimensions. It can be awkward sometimes to drive them inside the greenhouse and out. When planning cultivation, it is worth looking at the next few years, during which vegetables, fruits and herbs will constantly grow and occupy more and more space.

Hobby polytunnels

With foil tunnels for plots and domestic cultivation, doors have a width of 60 cm or 90 cm. Another frequently used solution is to equip the greenhouse with a second door. Work inside therefore becomes easier. Additional doors are quite useful during the entire growing process. During cold or hot days, regulating the microclimate is required. Having doors on each side allows simple and effective ventilation of the tunnel. Side vents, supplied with multi-vegetation tunnels are also a good feature to facilitate air circulation. They offer gardeners the opportunity to adjust temperature under cover.

Professional foil tunnels

In the case of professional foil tunnels, swinging or sliding doors located on both sides are usually the most popular solutions. Each of the options allows you to personalize your design for optimal production process. When cultivating seedlings, logistics and transport become essential as far as harvest or caring duties are concerned. Loading and unloading, as well as plant care, should be carried out without restriction. Sliding doors mounted on rails can be made of polycarbonate.

Rolled up door with zipper

With Krosagro garden tunnels, there is a third option. The reinforced foil, covering some of the tunnels, is cut out to form a door. This material is sewn and zippers are added. The entrance operates precisely that way. In order to reduce the price of the greenhouse, the door was replaced by a sheet of foil that can be rolled up and down.

Modular structures made of steel pipes and profiles

The tunnel door is a modular element like any other accessories. Greenhouse owners can expand and modify their structure. If, over time, it turns out that one door is not enough, buying a second door and fitting it to the existing structure will prove to be a straight forward matter.

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Polytunnel doors

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