Bike rack for public spaces

Urban equipment for bicycles

A bike rack for public spaces is an equipment based on a simple construction, however not all models are safe and easy to use. Sometimes, using certain products becomes a drag. They somehow cause chaos in small spaces. The concept is valid, but the stand turns out to be unworkable. How to benefit from a practical bicycle rack?

Bicycle rack as an equipment for public spaces on tourist routes and in cities

Cycling has become a symbol of physical activity in urban areas. In overcrowded cities where you can get stuck in traffic for hours, two-wheelers enable faster but also more ecological commute. The absence of exhaust gas and easy parking are the two main advantages of this type of transport. Many cities are developing bike tracks in centers, suburbs and thematic routes. All these investments follow this trend for leisure riding. Everyone can notice the recent and significant evolution of cycling infrastructures.

Bike lane equipment

Cycle trails, built in addition to the road network, are equipped with a number of public facilities. Every now and then, you can spot a shelter with benches, tables and stands. Not far away, road signs indicating the number of kilometers left until the final destination will be displayed. Such a point on the map is often memorized, as a meeting and recovery location before the next stage of the journey. In cities, however, it will be essential to be able to secure the bike to the rack.

Safe bike racks

Only a bike rack for public spaces featuring an anti-theft system for security can be considered. Stands must be firmly fixed to the ground so they do not get damaged or stolen. Such a construction reinforces safety of bicycles and prevents theft. Apart from the structure itself, location will be key. A bright site, close to a public building, permanently monitored by cameras, will be a more appropriate place in terms of security than dark and narrow streets in the city center.

How to make a choice when purchasing a bicycle rack?

When investing in these structures, one should examine their parameters and check that their properties guarantee a long life service. Being exposed to atmospheric phenomena, they will have to be treated with a layer of anti-corrosion protection. As far as structures available in the online shop are concerned, all models feature a layer of zinc, applied by hot-dip galvanizing and offering a thorough adhesion to the elements of the stand. Moisture, precipitation and temperature changes will have little impact on their durability. With proper maintenance, structures will remain operational for many years to come.

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