Urban furniture in summer

Benches for cities and parks

Urban furniture in summer become an irreplaceable element of any city space. When the weather favors walking out, finding a free bench in a park can be a challenge. It is a similar situation with benches in commercial galleries during promotions. Benches, chairs, stairs and even flower pots should be designed in the same style in order to blend in with the surroundings.

Urban furniture in summer for public spaces

Small pieces of furniture in green areas, tourist trails and parks should incorporate three essential features: aesthetics, functionality and reliability. If one of these element is missing, the other two will be irrelevant. The surroundings of the bench influence its frame, color, decorative elements, as well as the method of assembly. A historical space, where atmosphere of past centuries are to be preserved, should be equipped with low key, small architecture, simple to fit in. On the other hand, open-air museums, thematic parks, arboretum or squares complemented with benches, chairs and tables will become fully living sites, where families, tourists as well as local residents will be able to spend time surrounded by nature.

Construction of city benches

City furniture, for summer and other seasons, will be exposed to the weather. In order for the structure to remain in good condition, furniture manufacturers protect steel against corrosion and wood against rotting. There are several ways to slow down corrosion of the frame. Steel elements are covered with zinc thanks to galvanization or hot dip galvanization. Constructions can also be made of stainless steel. These are the most commonly used solutions offering slow ageing of material. With proper maintenance, furniture will retain its properties for years. Wood, at production stage, is consecutively painted and then impregnated. It is sometimes replaced by an artificial composite material that imitates wooden parts. As far as some projects are concerned, it is simply hard to differentiate them.

Types of small architecture

Being surrounded everyday by dozens of decoration elements makes it hard to notice other furniture equipment. That is why it is so important to opt for well made and originally designed products. Even a basic bench, chair, table, shelter or flower pot can be memorized. Among the products available, there is a wide range of models with various finishes. Choosing one of them should not be a problem, and simple installation facilitates the whole process. A secured bench easily withstands gusty wind, fog, high and low temperatures, as well as seasonal changes. If you intend to purchase more than one bench, we encourage you to contact Krosagro’s customer service.

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Urban furniture in summer

Urban furniture in summer become an irreplaceable element of any city space. When the weather favors walking out, finding a…

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