Preparation of horse enclosures

Structures for horses in summer

Preparation of horse enclosures should be carefully planned. To make such a space safe and comfortable for these animals, you need to carefully choose the required equipment. Animals enjoying regular exercise outdoor will develop properly. Psycho physical well-being offers many benefits for breeder and their horses.

Preparation of horse enclosures on a farm

A space for a horse should not be chosen by accident. Many breeders will carefully plan for it. Planting usually begins in spring, in the first half of May. One can also consider the end of August in summer. There are many grass mixtures available directly on the market for any given animal species. Once grass reaches 15cm, it should be mowed for the first time and then carefully demarcated.

Preparing an area for grazing

When designing a pasture, you can’t forget to mark off the area. Remember to facilitate mowing as well as freedom of movement for horses. It is generally accepted that there should be 0.5 ha of pasture per adult. A square shape without narrow corners should be favored. This greatly helps when carrying out caring duties.

Advantages of pastures

Access to fresh feeding grounds as well as constant movement contribute to optimal health and fitness of horses. As herd animals, they fill social needs by staying with others. Fodder can be the basis of their diet during the growing season. It contains almost all the nutrients that horses need. However, it should be remembered that composition, fertilization method and grazing frequency will influence nutritional value. At the same time, pasture quality will decrease over time. Optimum conditions for the development of green mass usually occurs in May or June, then the next growth of grass will take 15 to 20 days. In September this delay is extended to reach 30 to 40 days.

Water source for horses

60% of a horse’s body is water, which is why it is one of the most important element for the animal. Any deficiencies could lead to disparities. Water distributes nutrients and allows excretion of substances following metabolism. No wonder then that proper water is crucial for their health. These need about 10 to 20 liters per day, depending on the climate, weather and the activity of the horse itself. Any pasture should be provided with a source of clean water. Automatic dispensers can be installed, while in the case of still water, make sure to systematically renew it with fresh water. Otherwise, it might get contaminated with parasites and microbes that can seriously harm the animal.

Grazing fence

A fence must be high enough to fulfill its function. As far as females are concerned, height must be at least 1.5 meters and 2 meters for stallions. It is worth taking care of the right number of spans so that animals do not get caught in between them. It should be visible from far away, so that a frightened horse does not fall on the fence and harm itself. Usually, elements are painted in white.

You can also add durability to the features you are looking for. Animals like to rub against the rails, tussle against them, sometimes even hitting them. Therefore, it should not have sharp elements, be resistant and also be designed so that horse shoes do not get stuck in them. Exposed to bad weather, it will begin to deteriorate over time, which is why it should be treated with an anti-corrosive layer. Krosfencing fences feature steel elements that are protected with a layer of zinc to slow down any corrosion process.

Mobile tents for horses as protection against the elements

During the year, the weather will surprise us many times. Rainy, windy, hot and cold days will alternate. To improve horse welfare, it is worth installing a canopy over the pasture. For this purpose, portable tents can be used. Each model available in the Krosagro range is based on a steel structure. All parts are covered with an anti-corrosive layer at production stage. Such a zinc coating applied by galvanization or hot dip galvanization adheres to the element, protecting it against corrosion.

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